IFB101 - Impact of IT

Alistair Chapman

[email protected]

Information Security Architect, Red Hat

August 21, 2017


Probably not what you thought it was

Who Am I?

(the heavily abridged version)

  • Information Security Analyst
  • Technical Architect
  • Former QUT Student (and tutor)


your end game

How to make it in the IT Industry

(or This One Weird Trick To Get an IT Job)

Life (in IT) is like a box of chocolates

  • There's lots and lots of different options
  • It's hard to tell what you're getting until too late
  • It's basically guaranteed you won't like some of it
  • You'll do a lot better if you go in prepared

Understanding Your Industry

Technical Analysis Management
Business Analysts
Data Science
Project Managers
Program Managers



Understanding Your



Step 1: Be awesome

Step 2: see above

Alistair Chapman




Good Ideas

  • Have a plan
    • Know your course plan
    • Be prepared to totally change it
    • Have clear goals
  • Network like your life depends on it
    • (it just might)
    • Build meaningful connections
  • Use what QUT gives you

Not very good ideas

  • Take the easy path
    • This is the easiest way to waste a degree
  • Take specialisation too far
    • You can learn many technical skills at any time
  • Do your first year wrong
    • It will come back to bite you
    • Not might, will.

The Chapman Guide to Complete Success

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